The Labels // What is it ?
Concerning RSE (Social Responsibility), InCert provides you with the following self managed labels:
In order to obtain such a label, a candidate company should:

1. Contract an on line subscription

2. Accurately complete the questionnaire of self appraisal

3. Provide InCert with all evidence linked to the questionnaire report

4. At this stage of compliance, the applicant will receive the right to use the corresponding label for which it has applied.
Implementing an ethical process, according to the 7 axes provided by the norm ISO 26000, give the company an ethical notoriety.

As a reminder, the 7 axes are:

Governance of the organization
Human Rights
Condition and working relationship
Good business practice
Consumer clients’ satisfaction
Social responsibility

Each of these 7 axes is completed by 5 or 6 requirements.

Every six months, the company will be required to complete the self appraisal questionnaire and send the report produced by the system to InCert.
It will provide an overview, based on the company CSR's reality, and provide guidance in order to maintain or improve its engagement.

The price of this labeling process is as follows:

Base fee payment: CHF 650.- (excl. taxes)
or still, a diagnostic one accompanied of one of our consultant CHF 1’000.- inclusive base fee and software.

Annual fees: CHF 350.- (excl. taxes)

If needed , InCert can provide the company with an elaborate RSE process.

Package price: CHF 2'800.- (+ travel fees at actual cost) (excl. taxes)


Our partners are able to assist you in all types of situations to implement quality management and environment, social responsibility systems.
The improvement of existing systems is also one of InCert’s activities.
Quotations upon request.

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