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InCert SARL provides several tools and services

1. Audits

Our partners are specializing in first, second and third party auditing processes.
They are able to conduct your internal audits, product audits (supplier’s survey), third party audits (providing support to your audited team).

2. Consulting

InCert helps companies with regards to the implementation of various standards and system management, according to ISO 9001: 2008, 14001 2004.
It also provides guidelines and tools for implementing the social responsibility trend, according to ISO 26000, and other types of standards, on inquiry.

3. Production of supports and decision-making tools

InCert produces a certain number of software, such as its social responsibility, maturity level measurement software (see Labels).
This software allows the company to measure the maturity level of its social responsibility approach, (according to the 7 axes of the ISO 26000). The software report also shows the possible improvements in a comprehensive action plan.

A. Management maturity level measurement software

This software measures the level of maturity of every type of management system, (ISO 9001/14001/OHSAS 18001) and also supplies possible improvements, chapter by chapter, process by process.

B. IT maturity level measurement software

Few companies have available information regarding the maturity level of their computer equipment.
With InCert IT software, they are able to measure it.

C. Board of directors Self-assessment

When a company is linked to the stock exchange, its board of directors must be able to measure its implication level into the company and also check their risk exposure.
This software generates a useful report, which shows the personal impact of the applicant and provides him with ways to improve its situation.

D. Business sectors

InCert is present in all business sectors.
Through its network (see below), specialists and experience, InCert brings a significant added value in all of its missions.

E. Network

1. Cabinet de conseil Jenni & Cie (Systems, audits and RSE) (Genève)
2. Cabinet de conseil Jenni Fils cabinet & Cie (IT) (Vaud)
3. Asyst (Systèmes audits et RSE)

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